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A Meager Migration by Eric Brown

A Meager Migration by Eric Brown

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Seems to me, there were so many different experiences of recent years. Many of the folks in my realm never saw what the big deal was. No losses that seemed to matter much. No uprooting, dissolving, or wondering about a way forward… just mere annoyances. Others lost so much. Family and friends lost to the virus or issues brought on by the disruptions, and others lost to ideological divisions. Jobs, homes, and resources gone. Communities and houses of faith split. Layers of confusion and loss. My family? We participated in the great reshuffling. Needing to sell our house to compensate for what was lost when my work went away, we moved east to a small town on the coastal plain of North Carolina. Nowhere near the size of other migrations, and with less and less communal bandwidth to grieve these moves, in some ways, they seemed to fly under the radar… unnoticed by those not heavily affected. This photo was taken in Dare County, North Carolina.

Size: 13x19 inches

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